Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Opera 11 ~ Faster, Safer, Easier

I believe Opera is the best INTERNET browser on the Market. Not only is it snappy fast, it is highly customizable, and completely standards compliant, and often the first to be to be so. If a web-page doesn't look right, then the person who wrote it doesn't know how to correctly edit a page. I know, because I use Opera to check my work.

Opera Browser, it more experienced than IE, Netscape, Safari, Firefox, Chrome
Opera Browser, Invented CSS & continues to develop Video/Image Standards
Opera Browser, invented Tab Navigation / Private Browsing / Tab Stacking

IMO, It is the easiest to learn & the most customizable with many easy menus or scripts.
They have: content blocking, extensions, IRCchat, email client, online backup, & more.
Check them out @

Introduction Post / Being a Breaker

I am a Fan of a Korean Manhwa titled The Breaker: New Waves / The Breaker: Part 2
I am also a fan of the original, bi-weekly series, The Breaker. (Part 1 = Ten Volumes or 72 Chapters) Part 2, "New Waves" is currently a weekly Webtoon published on

Please, Do not post links to scan sites / unlicensed online readers!
It is demoralizing to the author & artist, that foreign licensing is slower than fan activity. :'-(
You are encouraged to email Publishers in your Country, with pictures of you Comic Book Collection. If you agree, that "The Breaker is a Great Series", Tell them, "This is how I spend my money. Please help me spend it!" ~ Prove you are a customer, not a just for fan/Pirate.

Someone said, "If you want to write about that, then start a Blog." And so I did. I'm going to learn a little Korean and mix in hyper-links to help you learn too. A key challenge in translating Korean to English letter spelling is that there is more than one standard. And that the most recent Korean government standard for this, can not be phonetically read as English.

Being a Breaker: doesn't mean, Breaking the Rules. It means not being confined by limits.
Finding a way to stand. Glass Ceiling? Smash it! ~Document that you have the right stuff.
Don't get hung up kissing ass. Even if you are given a task or challenge fulfill the request.
Don't sabotage yourself. But do what you think is right.
Cover Your Ass, While being your own person.
Done right, people respect and value this.

You're not a Rule Breaker. You're an expectation climber.
Set a tentative Mark. Then Jump Higher.

Welcome to my Blog.
~ If you are Insulting/Profane or overly Negative, I delete U.
~ If the frame height of your post is over 720pixels, I (might) delete U.
~ If you post a well meaning reply/question OR suggest an Idea, I cherish you.